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On Growth, Product, and Leadership
Podcast: Why AI-powered personalization matters, according to Hungryroot
In this interview with Supermarket News, I explore how AI helped Hungryroot achieve dramatically faster growth comparing to the rest of the industry. Explicit feedback mechanisms, personalization, food waste reduction, lower carbon footprint - these and other topics are front and center on this podcast. [more..]
Nov 10, 2022    
With explicit feedback, AI needs less data than you think
We've come to accept that mountains of data are necessary for AI to work - and that data is a secure moat for incumbents. I beg to differ: feedback-focused approaches to personalization can create a profoundly better consumer experience. [more..]
Oct 25, 2022   schedule 5 min  
On Pricing, or Why Are Customers Using Your Product?
Many consumer businesses I talk to are in a difficult spot: margins are severely compressed by inflation; and yet they're concerned about making a bad situation worse by raising prices. Let's examine how to decide. [more..]
Jul 22, 2022   schedule 5 min  
Not Needing the Job Makes You Better At It
You become dramatically more valuable to your employer when you have the confidence to focus on driving results, not on people-pleasing. A powerful source of that confidence is, counter-intuitively, not needing the job. [more..]
Mar 1, 2022   schedule 4 min  
Podcast: Growth Metrics That Really Matter
In my first interview as the Chief Digital Officer at Hungryroot, I explore product, growth, and measurement strategies that high-growth companies can put to use. [more..]
Nov 22, 2021    
Create your "Island of Good"
If you’re in an environment where there’s lots of talking and very little doing, you might think that there's little hope, and all you can do is leave. I beg to differ. [more..]
Oct 10, 2021   schedule 3 min  
You Hate Your Job. Now What?
In this god-awful situation, there’s something much worse than quitting without a job lined up. [more..]
Jul 13, 2021   schedule 4 min  
Avoiding Tradeoffs, or Your Focus Needs More Focus
Preventing a cacophony of misaligned decisions across the organization is the conductors’ job. Your job. [more..]
Jul 6, 2021   schedule 3 min  
Shiny Object Syndrome
A big bet produced barely visible return. We rationalize: our forecasts just were not good enough. Let's keep plugging away: customers want these other two features, let's hustle to ship those. We have the highest-throughput team in the industry, we will win through sheer willpower and grit!.. [more..]
Jun 30, 2021   schedule 5 min  
Setting the Right Growth Goals: Breakeven Period and LTV Proxy Metrics
There are two types of companies, single-purchase and “customer lifetime value” (LTV) businesses. Crudely, mattress sellers and gyms. It’s crucial that your marketing investment strategy matches the kind of business you’re in; if you run your LTV businesses as if you’re selling mattresses, you’re in trouble. [more..]
Jun 1, 2021   schedule 6 min  
How To Calculate ROAS, LTV, and CAC
The founder of the Virgin empire famously discovered the difference between “net” and “gross” profit in his 50’s, in the board room. In this blog post, I’ll examine similar fundamentals that marketers need to know. [more..]
May 25, 2021   schedule 3 min  
A To-Do List Is Not a Strategy
Over-emphasizing action bias makes winning seem like a matter of throughput. Hustle, keep plugging away on the to-do list, it goes, and you’re golden. But.. [more..]
May 18, 2021   schedule 4 min  
Leadership: 7 Deadly Meeting Sins
You're the most senior person in this meeting. Everyone looks at you every 5 seconds, judging your reactions and trying to make you think they’re smart. If you find yourself in that setting, you’ve got to avoid the deadly sins. [more..]
May 11, 2021   schedule 6 min  
Replace Half of Your Meetings With This
Multi-person meetings suck the life out of culture. Here is a 3-step alternative. Turn recurring meetings into recurring write-ups, PowerPoint decks into Word documents, and verbal feedback into comments in Google Docs. [more..]
May 2, 2021   schedule 4 min  
What is your marketing worth if the product isn't aligned with it?
My story of desperately trying to become a customer of a next-generation Internet provider... and what marketers and product managers can learn from this sadly typical experience. [more..]
Apr 26, 2021    
Storytelling across channels, and the role of TV in driving performance (VIDEO)
Sep 23, 2020    
Interview: Marketing Measurement, Balancing Art and Science, and Building a Culture of Experimentation
Jul 8, 2020    
Podcast: How Grubhub Uses Culture of Experimentation to Maintain Its Leadership Position
Jul 1, 2020    
What’s The Job of the Growth Team, Anyway?
The route taken by two employees on the growth team was anything but buying ads, their tool set was anything but marketing and their results were beyond anything I ever expected. [more..]
Jan 22, 2020    
3 Areas Where Marketers Can Reduce Their Action Bias
Marketers obsess about every detail of their campaign, spending hours defining the audience targeting rules and picking out the perfect image to accompany our meticulously crafted copy. But how can we be confident that these steps are making a difference in our business’ top line? [more..]
Dec 30, 2019   schedule 3 min  
Podcast: Experimentation, Alignment of Incentives, and Focusing on the Bigger Thing
Dec 2, 2019    
Is Your Marketing Really Making a Difference? Incrementality and Incentives Will Decide (VIDEO) - FirstMark CMO Summit
Oct 30, 2019    
Marketers, Stop Trying To Be The Loudest Voice In The Room
Each screamer has a single goal, out-scream the others, which only secures them a spot in the graveyard of other transactional, no-value-created messages. [more..]
Oct 9, 2019   schedule 3 min  
Strong beliefs, held loosely
Can the idea of ownership be overdone, can we become infatuated with the concept too much? Let's explore what this looks like, so as to not fall into it. [more..]
Sep 23, 2019   schedule 3 min  
Ragnar Lothbrok vs Ira Glass: The Spectrum of Leadership
There are two kinds of leaders. One propels the team forward, aggressively tackling every problem. Another creates emotional safety, an environment of trust and respect. You need to know how to be both. [more..]
Aug 25, 2019    
The Wrong Incentives Are Killing Your Marketing
Four things holding us back: Smokescreen, Fire and Motion, Fixed Mindset, and Organizational Misalignment [more..]
Jun 8, 2019   schedule 5 min  
Incrementality in Marketing: How to Be Confident in Your ROI (video)
May 19, 2019    
Marketers, Your CFO Is Your Ally, Not Your Enemy
With the mission to connect with customers and prospects on an emotional level, marketers often believe the finance group is their "natural enemy." How many times have you thought, “these glorified accountants are trying to measure every little aspect of creative activity, driving short-termism and dooming the company to the sea of mediocrity!” [more..]
May 16, 2019   schedule 4 min  
Interview: Grubhub Focuses on Restaurant Partnership for Profitable Growth
May 5, 2019    
The Dark Side of A/B Testing - Avoid the Pitfalls
Apr 16, 2019   schedule 5 min  
Getting a Return from Awareness Marketing, or Measuring the Immeasurable
May 19, 2018   schedule 4 min  
Having Others Want to Follow You
May 4, 2018    
Incrementality in Marketing, or Marketing Economics 101
Apr 24, 2018   schedule 4 min  
eMarketer Interview: eBay CRM Systems
May 7, 2017    
Email Marketing Secrets from Uber, eBay, and REI
Apr 7, 2017    
CRM and Personalization: Email Tech Is Now Ad Tech
Mar 30, 2017   schedule 4 min  
CRM and Personalization at eBay – Interview
Dec 15, 2016    
May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor
Feb 15, 2016   schedule 4 min  
If your team isn’t on-track, try this
Nov 6, 2015    
Your team just screwed up badly — here’s what you do next
Oct 11, 2015    
Machine Learning and Digital Marketing: Melding Human and Machine
Sep 13, 2015    
Paid Apps Model Revisited
Jun 15, 2015    
Are Your Company Values Just Empty Words?
Jul 24, 2014    
Full Price is for the Lazy, or Stop Financing Their Marketing
Jul 19, 2014   schedule 4 min  
Handling “Scary” Interview Questions
Jun 15, 2014    
Why Are We Working on This?
May 28, 2014   schedule 3 min  
Hire for Velocity of Learning
May 16, 2014    
Dogfooding: Find a way to be your own customer
Jun 12, 2013    
Hackathons at Startups: Creative ‘Fresh Air’
May 21, 2013    
Measuring interruptions: How to keep your team in the ‘zone’
Apr 8, 2013   schedule 3 min  
Facebook: The personalization engine for all of the Web
Oct 15, 2012   schedule 3 min  
Offer a Conversion Path!
Jul 9, 2012    
Influence of Your Work on the World
May 29, 2012    
Bet on Yourself
Apr 19, 2012    
Shining the Spotlight on the Audience, Not the Stage
Feb 27, 2012   schedule 3 min  
How to tell whether you’re a visionary or a lunatic?
Jan 6, 2012   schedule 3 min  
Line-Drawing Fallacy and Accountability
Aug 22, 2011    
A Sense of Urgency
Jul 29, 2011    
Leaky Clouds
Jun 27, 2011   schedule 6 min  
Relationships are Everything
Jun 20, 2011    
Gaming the Incentives
Mar 14, 2011   schedule 3 min  
Engineers Don’t Need Babysitting
Feb 22, 2011    
Arrogance, a fatal flaw
Feb 15, 2011   schedule 5 min  
Interviewing – Challenge Your Assumptions
Feb 9, 2011   schedule 3 min  
Platform as a Cop Out
Feb 2, 2011   schedule 3 min  
What is the single most hurtful way I can interpret this?
Jan 25, 2011   schedule 3 min  
What are Product Managers for, anyway?
Jan 20, 2011   schedule 4 min  
Manufactured Happiness and Stockholm Syndrome
Jan 17, 2011    
Take the Job Where You’re Really Wanted
Jan 10, 2011    
Avoid The Sea of Mediocrity
Jan 3, 2011   schedule 3 min  
Cut Down Those Choices
Dec 28, 2010    
What Are People Paying for This Today?
Dec 22, 2010    
Slaying the Network Effect Dragon
Dec 17, 2010   schedule 4 min  
Emotional Connection with The Computer
Dec 15, 2010    
The Core Pillar That Drives Technologists
Dec 13, 2010    
Hungry Artist Paints Way Better
Dec 10, 2010    
Startup Factory
Dec 8, 2010   schedule 5 min  
The Whole Is More Than the Sum of the Parts
Dec 6, 2010   schedule 3 min  
A niche that’s bigger than a green field
Dec 3, 2010    
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