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End of my eBay Chapter

This is a copy of an email I sent to my colleagues at eBay.

My chapter at eBay is coming to an end. These past 3 years have been such a privilege for me – thank you so much for putting your trust in me. I’m proud and humbled by people that worked by my side – persistent, creative, bold. I’ve learned so much from you.

When I look back, I remember the days when CRM at eBay was just forming – with a myriad of uncoordinated campaigns and lots of technical debt, all we had was determination, grit, and a vision. We have achieved tremendous results since those days: we’ve grown Marketing by double digits each year – and found the balance between human and machine. Today, peers from Uber, LinkedIn, and Airbnb say that eBay has one of the top 3 Marketing platforms on the planet – both in terms of customer experience and technological sophistication. I know that in the coming years, you will take it even further.

When I look back, I see people who don’t give up, and prop each other up – I vividly remember the moment when the first Event Digest email launch slipped for the third time, and I, almost in despair, told

May – “I don’t know when we’ll ship, but I promise you, we will” – and she said “I know you will, we believe in you guys.”

When I look back, I remember our audacity – the audacity to build technology platforms that stretch the perception of what’s possible. Our open-time personalization pipeline – with its ground-breaking customer benefits, insane performance, scalability, its applications in Display and Social advertising – has lifted a lot of eyebrows both internally and externally. I was ready to give up – and yet Tanmoy has proven to all of us that this platform can exist, and it transformed our marketing.

Moments like these stay with you forever. I am so deeply honored to have been able to lead such an amazing team – a team that I learned so much from. I hope to have the privilege to work by your side in the future.

In the meantime, please stay in touch.
Alex Weinstein
Director, Marketing Technologies / CRM
eBay Seattle