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Podcast: Growth Metrics That Really Matter
Nov 22, 2021    
Setting the Right Growth Goals: Breakeven Period and LTV Proxy Metrics
Jun 1, 2021   schedule 8 min  
How To Calculate ROAS, LTV, and CAC
May 25, 2021   schedule 4 min  
What is your marketing worth if the product isn't aligned with it?
Apr 26, 2021    
Storytelling across channels, and the role of TV in driving performance (VIDEO)
Sep 23, 2020    
Interview: Marketing Measurement, Balancing Art and Science, and Building a Culture of Experimentation
Jul 8, 2020    
Podcast: How Grubhub Uses Culture of Experimentation to Maintain Its Leadership Position
Jul 1, 2020    
What’s The Job of the Growth Team, Anyway?
Jan 22, 2020   schedule 3 min  
3 Areas Where Marketers Can Reduce Their Action Bias
Dec 30, 2019   schedule 3 min  
Podcast: Experimentation, Alignment of Incentives, and Focusing on the Bigger Thing
Dec 2, 2019    
Is Your Marketing Really Making a Difference? Incrementality and Incentives Will Decide (VIDEO) - FirstMark CMO Summit
Oct 30, 2019    
Marketers, Stop Trying To Be The Loudest Voice In The Room
Oct 9, 2019   schedule 4 min  
The Wrong Incentives Are Killing Your Marketing
Jun 8, 2019   schedule 6 min  
Incrementality in Marketing: How to Be Confident in Your ROI (video)
May 19, 2019    
Marketers, Your CFO Is Your Ally, Not Your Enemy
May 16, 2019   schedule 5 min  
Incrementality in Marketing, or Marketing Economics 101
Apr 24, 2018   schedule 5 min  
eMarketer Interview: eBay CRM Systems
May 7, 2017    
Email Marketing Secrets from Uber, eBay, and REI
Apr 7, 2017    
CRM and Personalization: Email Tech Is Now Ad Tech
Mar 30, 2017   schedule 5 min  
CRM and Personalization at eBay – Interview
Dec 15, 2016    
Machine Learning and Digital Marketing: Melding Human and Machine
Sep 13, 2015    
Full Price is for the Lazy, or Stop Financing Their Marketing
Jul 19, 2014   schedule 4 min  
Facebook: The personalization engine for all of the Web
Oct 15, 2012   schedule 3 min  
Shining the Spotlight on the Audience, Not the Stage
Feb 27, 2012   schedule 4 min