Alex Weinstein
On Growth, Tech, and Leadership
The Next Chapter

I announced my resignation from Microsoft today. I’m joining a startup. Here’s a snippet of the mail I sent out:

Almost seven years ago, I walked into the largest software company in the world knowing basically nothing about software development. You taught me everything I know today. You taught me about ambition; about relationships; about due diligence; about customers. It’s been such a great privilege to learn from you. Thanks for this amazing experience.

I look back and think of the infinite patience of my managers – and feel so, so grateful. I vividly remember the day when Josh Bell, my first manager, told me that we don’t fix some of the bugs that we find in our products – knowingly! What?!? No Santa Claus?… I recall the heart-to-heart chats with my colleagues, where we found truth and challenged each other to be better. I can’t help but feel nostalgic. Thank you again. My brain got bigger, which obviously caused most of my hair to fall out in the process, but isn’t that what growth is all about?

Today, my path leads to me a startup – just across the water in downtown Seattle. I’ve taken a role of director of PM at, a startup that aims to revolutionize media. My last day at Microsoft is July 14th.